Social Marketing – Making A Difference

Social marketing campaigns can change lives and over the years we have been involved in campaigns that have positively impacted the wellbeing of individuals, enhanced the society in which we live and protected the environment.

We have been active in the public health, education, environment and safety sectors.

Social marketing is a buzz phrase at the moment, especially in the pubic sector, but it has been around for decades, only it wasn’t called social marketing back then.

It existed under different guises – public health and social change campaigns being regarded among the most successful.

A few years ago it was almost acceptable to drink and drive. It was acceptable to smoke in a restaurant or light up in a car or bus. Today it is not.

Social marketing campaigns, not just Government legislation, have changed the way we think and act on many, many issues.

The foundation of every social marketing campaign is a desire to change the way we behave and interact so that we enhance the wellbeing of individuals and society.

Extensive research then has to be undertaken so that we understand why we behave in a particular manner and to identify the pathway that needs to be taken if we are to change the way we think and act.

Beattie PS operates a stringent study process involving consumer research, analysis and objective setting before moving on to planning and executing the campaign.

You will find more detail on our social marketing services here.

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